Inspenet Panel Discussion was a success!

Inspenet, May 4, 2023

Aware of the need to explore how innovation and technology can help address the challenges and opportunities associated with the global energy transition, the Inspenet platform broadcast the panel discussion yesterday “Innovation and technology in the energy transition: Perspectives and Solutions”, and it was a complete success.

More than 200 people from various countries registered; between engineers, technicians, businessmen and students, to meet in this 150-minute panel discussion; on technological advances in key areas such as renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, grid infrastructure and the electrification of transport.

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More than 200 people registered for the discussion panel

Energy experts integrated the discussion panel

The discussion panel was made up of five internationally renowned specialists, who discussed innovative solutions for the energy transition: Ana Ludlow, VP Chief Government Affairs & Sustainability Officer at Engie Mexico; Malvin Delgado, Director, Sales & Client Engagement ENERGY – Latin America PICARO; Martin García Perciante, Leader of Development of New Energies – Hydrogen from ecopetrol; Ulises Neri Flores, Vice Chair Mexico-Expert Group on Resource Management UN-UNECE; Israel Hurtado, President of the Mexican Hydrogen Association, led by the outstanding ing. Francesco Solari, CEO and President of Inspenet.

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