Inspenet continues adding achievements on its second anniversary

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The second anniversary of Inspenet

Inspenet, November 16, 2023.

Within the framework of its second anniversary, your platform for growth and professional connection continues to reap successes, starting with the fact that our CEO Francesco Solari has been recognized in the list of the 100 influential entrepreneurs in tank storage of 2023 by Storage Terminals Magazine.

Such recognition reflects only part of the achievements and growth for the platform, in addition to the significant impact that Francesco has had on the industry, as well as his outstanding influence in the professional field.

Likewise, this achievement is proof of Francesco and his team’s continued commitment to excellence and their dedication to driving significant advances in the industry. Inclusion on this select list reinforces its position as a prominent leader in the industry. Through his official LinkedIn account he expressed:

This achievement is not mine alone, but belongs to each member of this great community and to all those who work with me at Inspenet, sharing knowledge, experiences and friendship throughout my career in the oil and gas industry.”

Francesco Solari thanks the community for support

All of this adds to the gratifying news of having reached 100,000 followers on Instagram , which is not only proof of the positive impact of the platform on the community, but also of the dedication and work of the entire team.

On behalf of the team, we sincerely thank all clients, collaborators and followers for being a fundamental part of these two extraordinary years. The team is committed to continuing to innovate and offer exceptional solutions in the field of energy sector and beyond.

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