Innovative BladeRobots perform automated maintenance on wind turbines

Inspenet, February 17, 2023

Vestas introduced BladeRobots as an independent company with an automated robotics technology solution for blade maintenance on wind turbines.

BladeRobots offers a unique solution that performs automated blade edge maintenance up to four times faster than conventional manual methods, according to a Vestas statement.

The new robotic solution takes advantage of artificial intelligence to quickly adapt to all types of blades in the industry. Resulting in a highly scalable, cost-effective solution with enhanced safety standards for the technicians involved and can improve annual energy production from wind turbines by restoring aerodynamic performance and reducing turbine downtime, the company adds.

The growing installed capacity of wind turbines is a great opportunity for Vestas to maintain its leadership in services by introducing solutions that maximize the performance of wind turbines. The BladeRobots solution, originally developed at Vestas, has been spun off as a standalone company to speed time to market and build scale.

Vestas Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Vestas, will have a majority ownership stake in the company.

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Photo : BladeRobots

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