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Inspenet, April 5, 2023

The Canadian company Eddyfi Technologies offers inspection technologies and robotic solutions for Non Destructive Testing (NDT) with the highest performance in the world. We invite you to learn about the amazing equipment, devices and robotic solutions they have for the industrial sector.

Detecting High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) Before It’s Too Late

When it comes to aging infrastructure in the petrochemical and other industrial sectors, there are a variety of potential vulnerabilities that engineers and maintenance teams must be aware of. While cyclic loading and can certainly lead to cracking over time, there is another type of defect that can be just as dangerous – especially under unique circumstances. This particular issue can be difficult to detect and can pose a serious threat to the integrity of a given system if left unchecked. As such, it is crucial for those responsible for maintaining industrial infrastructure to remain vigilant and stay up to date on the latest best practices and techniques for identifying and addressing potential issues.

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Rolling on to Better Tank Inspection Data and Decision Making

Many owners of storage tanks understand the burden of inspecting tank shells and roofs for corrosion degradation. On one hand, the inspection quality needs to be met, while on the other hand personnel safety needs to be ensured. To make it even more complicated, downtime of the asset must be minimized. A traditional way of performing tank wall thickness degradation inspection is by ultrasonic wall thickness spot check measurements using a rope access approach or by building scaffolding. This approach leads to an intense inspection performance, while the gathered data on the asset is limited. In many cases, tank shutdown is also required. For this reason, Eddyfi Technologies developed a dedicated tank inspection crawler, Scorpion 2. With its unique design features and high inspection speed, the examination of tank shells and roofs for corrosion is no longer a challenge. The remote access crawler enables fast inspections with high quality and high-density wall thickness data. The high-density data acquisition, due to a large number of points per distance, poses a new challenge in creating a proficient and condensed inspection report. This article offers the Beyond Current solution.

TN Americas Deploys OnSpec Custom Solution for Inspection of Nuclear Waste Storage Units

When TN Americas, an AREVA radioactive waste management and nuclear transportation provider, needed to inspect stainless steel waste storage casks in concrete support structures, they turned to Eddyfi Technologies for a solution. Regularly operating in the most hazardous areas and confined spaces, Eddyfi Technologies’ modular, mobile robots provided the robust OnSpec custom solution needed to perform remote visual inspection of the units containing stainless steel canisters storing radioactive waste materials.

The Evolution of UltraVision Software: A Story of NDT Innovation

For more than 25 years, UltraVision® software has been at the forefront of non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection software, providing reliable and innovative solutions for a wide range of industries. Originally developed in 1996 as TomoView, UltraVision has evolved over time, revolutionizing the way we approach NDT inspections. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of UltraVision, its evolution, and just how this software has transformed the NDT industry.

Don’t Crack Under Pressure: How Eddy Current Array Helps Spot Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking in Stainless Steel Pipes

There are many non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, but not all of them are suited to every type of application. For example, X-rays, or radiography, and computed tomography cannot be deployed without access to both sides of the asset and require extensive operator training. Similarly, ultrasonic testing is very versatile but requires direct contact and appropriate coupling with the surface under test, which is not always possible.

When it comes to chloride stress corrosion cracking (ClSCC or CSCC), a type of corrosion that can lead to the catastrophic failure of stainless steel pipes, penetrant testing (PT) is the most commonly used inspection technique. However, eddy current array (ECA) offers several advantages over PT, including the ability to detect far-side defects. In this article we will look at the advantages of ECA over PT for detecting CISCC.

Source and Photo: Eddyfi Technologies

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