India wants to triple coal production in underground mines

producción de carbón en India

Inspenet, November 29, 2023.

India, one of the world’s leading producers and consumers of coal, intends to triple its coal production in underground mines to meet growing energy demand, opting for a more “green” method compared to open pit mines. .

Earlier this month, India’s coal ministry announced its goal of achieving 100 million tonnes of coal production from underground mines by 2030, as part of a plan to wean itself from dependence on coal imports. 2025-2026. In this context, the Minister of Coal, Pralhad Joshi, pointed out that the increase in production from underground mines until 2030 will be achieved through the implementation of mass production technology, by starting a new phase of auctions involving 39 mines. .

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Coal continues to play a key role in India’s economic growth and development ,” Amrit Lal Meena, a senior official at the Indian Coal Ministry, told FT.

According to Meena, underground mining, which the country has not placed emphasis on in recent years due to its higher costs and risks, does not cause significant soil degradation and “there is little disturbance to the land.”

Although it is expected that the COP28 climate summit, which begins tomorrow in Dubai, addresses the future of coal and other fossil fuels, India continues to bet on coal to meet growing electricity and industrial demand, as the mineral continues to be responsible for approximately 70% of electricity generation in the nation.

Data from the Indian Coal Ministry earlier this month indicated that coal production saw an increase of 18.59% in October, reaching 78.65 million tonnes compared to the same month last year. Likewise, during the first seven months of the Indian fiscal year 2023/2024, which spans from April to October, coal production in India also experienced an increase of 13.05% compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching 507 million tons, according to available data.

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