In Mexico, female participation in mining increases

By: Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, August 2, 2022

The mining industry is making progress towards greater inclusion and proof of this is the increase in female participation in all areas of extractive activity.

With its modernization, the mining industry in Mexico and in Sonora placed women in all positions of the production process of this activity, a fact that opened niches of inclusion and opportunities in mining, as one of the most inclusive productive activities in the country.

According to formal employment data from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), there are approximately 2,500 women in Sonora who have a formal position in the sector, and around 20,000 who work in indirect jobs.

Directors, operators, managers and superintendents are some of the positions that until a decade ago were only held by men and are now held by many of them.

According to the Sustainability Report 2021 of the Mexican Chamber of Mines (Camimex), spaces in the extractive industry are now open to everyone because gender equality and women’s autonomy are recognized as fundamental rights.

“Mining companies are committed to promoting equity and inclusion in the sector in Mexico to combat poverty and stimulate sustainable development through programs that guarantee equal opportunities,” the analysis highlights.

By 2020, the mining sector added 15.7% of women in the workforce nationwide, a fact that, according to Camimex, reflects the fact that they are taking the opportunities and opening the gap for new generations.

The chamber’s data show that, over the last five years, the participation of women in the mining industry has increased steadily, fluctuating between 5 and 7% annually, reflecting a fair sector and opportunities.

This material from the portal ElImparcial was edited for clarity, style and length.