In CFS they are the best in QAQC supervision and surveillance

Inspenet, March 29, 2023

Consulting and Field Services, LLC (CFS) specializes in projects from complete refinery shutdowns to supervision of refractory facilities, providing inspection and consulting services to the petrochemical industry.

CFS has expert personnel in inspection for maintenance, anchoring systems, design, selection, supervision and installation of refractories, inspection of new constructions, laboratory tests, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), API and CWI certified inspections.

Among the multiple services they provide to the industry, there is surveillance inspection of suppliers / manufacturing workshops, QAQC supervision, AWS CWI/API 510/API 936 inspection, surveillance, origin inspector and installer qualification‍.

In addition, they have Onstream inspection services, baseline, reinspection, Onstream circuitization and redesign of P&ID’s, field sketches, AutoCAD, data analysis, monitoring and electronic reports of Meridium / UltraPIPE / PCMS status and repair recommendations.

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