IdeDuctos at IMCORRS 2023: “We adhere closely to the AMPP standard”

Inspenet, October 18, 2023.

IdeDuctos present at IMCORRS 2023

Within the framework of the annual conference Integrity Management and Corrosion Seminar (IMCORRS 2023), our Operations Manager Antonio Zavarce interviewed the General Director of Ideductos, Fernando Benitez; who began by explaining the multiple services that the company provides, emphasizing that they offer corrosion control through the application and inspection of coatings as an additional service.

We have a specialized team for internal corrosion issues .”

Regarding the evaluation of pipeline integrity, Benítez spoke in detail about the techniques applied and the equipment used, highlighting that most of his clients require either verification or evaluation of the integrity that has been previously carried out by a devil instrumented through the devil run mechanism; Therefore, they carry out verification and visual inspection to know the conditions of both the coating and the pipe and thus detect if there is any type of damage; always supported by the use of specialized software and equipment , an aspect that differentiates them from their main competitors.

We adhere very closely to the AMPP standard .”

It should be noted that the interviewee highlighted with special attention that the “HandySCAN” scanner allows them to precisely size any type of damage and then go to the site, obtain both third-dimensional images and very precise measurements to later do a finite element analysis. . All of this makes it possible to determine whether or not the pipeline can continue operating.

The Inspenet team with the members of IdeDuctos

The vision of IdeDuctos

Part of the interview was also focused on the career of Ideductos and its clientele, where Benítez explained that the company has been established since 2017 and has a team of professionals that includes highly qualified engineers and technicians with at least 20 years of experience in the industry. Likewise, he mentioned that the main client portfolio focuses on the private industry and confirmed the importance of ethics and values ​​within the organization.

We are a company with very high standard values. Honesty for us is fundamental.”

Finally, the IdeDuctos representative at INCORRS mentioned that in the short term they see themselves entering the area of ​​evaluating the mechanical integrity of storage tanks.

That is where we want to start moving the company .”

Inspenet continues to cover all the details of the III Edition of IMCORRS 2023 to provide you with all the information related to trends and innovations related to the area of ​​corrosion, reliability and asset protection.

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