Iberdrola and bp partner to produce green hydrogen

By: Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, August 3, 2022

Iberdrola and bp today announced their intention to form a strategic partnership with the aim of helping to accelerate the energy transition. Together, the companies intend to collaborate to significantly expand the public charging infrastructure for fast electric vehicles to support the adoption of electric vehicles, as well as to develop large-scale green hydrogen production centers in Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The two companies plan to form a joint venture that intends to invest up to €1 billion to deploy a network of up to 11,000 public charging points for fast and ultra-fast electric vehicles in Spain and Portugal, significantly expanding charging access for consumers and fleet customers and accelerating electric mobility.

The project includes the installation and operation of an initial 5,000 fast charging points by 2025 and up to a total of 11,000 by 2030, including existing and future bp and Iberdrola fast charging centers.

The companies are also looking at options for jointly serving electric vehicle customers in the UK.

In addition, they plan to form a joint venture for the large-scale integrated production of green hydrogen in Spain, Portugal and the UK, as well as the production of derivatives such as green ammonia and methanol, which can potentially be exported to northern Europe.

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