HPX-DR Non-Glass DR Detectors – Leveraging Technology to Meet Customer Needs


Textual note taken from Carestream NDT dated January 11, 2024

Today’s DR technology offers major speed and productivity improvements for testing operations. And non-glass panels take that productivity one step further out in the field. Carestream NDT addresses the unique needs of NDT imaging by continuously working in the field side-by-side with customers to learn how to leverage technology and materials to provide products that address their unique needs. The result – replacing glass with a tougher material in HPX-DR panels for extreme durability in harsh environments without losing image quality.

The benefits of non-glass are most apparent during demanding imaging procedures in difficult environments. This is especially true for pipeline, refinery, and heavy industrial applications, because Carestream NDT’s non-glass HPX-DR panel provides a r more reliable option in a detector. By incorporating a tougher material instead of glass, these detectors can withstand the rigors of NDT field work. They virtually eliminate downtime and repair costs because of glass-related damages from pressure, accidental drops, and transportation mishaps. They also include tungsten shielding for high exposure NDT applications and a protective, weatherproof enclosure for remote locations in inclement weather.

Carestream NDT offers a full line of durable, non-glass detectors to fit unique application needs including the large format (350 x 430mm) HPX-DR 3543 with a 139 μm pixel pitch and two compact (250 x 300mm) options; the HPX-DR 2530 PH with 98 μm resolution and HPX-DR 2530 PC with 145 μm resolution. All of the HPX-DR Detectors include close to edge imaging capability. The image area is slightly offset making it especially well-suited for profile (corrosion) work through pipe racks and bridges. And the smaller detectors are ideal for applications that require imaging in tight spaces.  

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Carestream NDT HPX-DR Detectors run on INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software so customers can easily add a non-glass detector to their tool set of imaging equipment without having to purchase and learn new software.

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