How to incorporate the Metaverse in the oil industry?

Inspenet, February 20, 2023

The oil industry stands out for the constant technological advances that make its operations more efficient. The metaverse, as a technology in full development, can mean an innovative contribution both in communication and in the design, construction and operation of the facilities. The key is to recognize the relationship between digital transformations and the company.

The metaverse is defined as virtual reality with social interaction. Axel Entrajes, metaverse and Web 3 specialist with a focus on business and commerce at Accenture, pointed out that we are in stage 3 of the Web, “where we begin to live the internet with immersive experiences. We stay in physical environments and live experiences that are from the digital world.

Microsoft, a business partner with Accenture and Meta, defines three large blocks of the metaverse. On the one hand, that of consumption “what we know today as the most socializing part, such as gaming.” Another block is the commercial, “where we have more collaborative work, the human resources part of staff onboarding and the immersive experience in training,” he said in a dialogue with Energía On.

Finally, there is the Industrial metaverse “where they connect technology. For example, digital twins can be applied to improve the operation of organizations.” Both design and construction can be done with artificial intelligence tools. This is how ideas are taken to the metaverse and anywhere in the world it is possible to access the information, interact with it and carry out tests that, depending on the results, can be applied to the physical world.

In order to incorporate this technology, one of the first issues to take into account, according to the specialist, is to recognize “in what instance am I as a company in terms of digital transformation, since it is more likely to be able to adapt when the organization has incorporated technological developments”, remarked.

Entires pointed out that, at first, incorporating this technology implies a significant investment. However, he assured that in the future it will take center stage and many of the operations will be carried out through this virtual reality medium. For this reason, today companies “have to build muscle, train internally because it is not easy to understand the metaverse,” he stressed.

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