Hocol at the XIX SLOM 2023 Conference: “It is an incredible opportunity”

Isbel Lázaro.
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Inspenet, September 29, 2023.

Enrique Sandoval is the vice president of the company Hocol, which was present at the XIX SLOM 2023 Conference . In an exclusive interview, he comments on what the interaction between countries means to the organization, highlighting at the same time the value of networking for the advancement of the industry.

Networking really is something very valuable and necessary for an industry of our magnitude. These meetings allow us to develop communications and connections.”

During the interview, the representative of Hocol (the only offshore operating company in Colombia) highlighted the importance of its presence in the energy sector. In his words, this scenario becomes a crucial meeting point for professionals and contractors in the offshore industry, since SLOM makes it possible to establish valuable contacts, share experiences and needs, which generates both immediate and long-term benefits.

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Hocol’s current approach

By stating that Colombia is their reason for being, Sandoval mentions that this is precisely the reason why they not only produce oil and gas, but also help the development of the regions. Likewise, they made it clear that they are focused on becoming a gas production company; That is why they are concentrating their efforts on the exploration and development of the country’s oil fields.

Regarding the goals associated with decarbonization, Hocol is fully committed and is part of numerous initiatives. That is why he explains that the next steps consist of focusing on the development, exploration and development of gas fields, in conjunction with activities that lead to energy efficiency.

We are working very actively on decarbonization; specifically in avoiding methane leaks and vents. We are also focused on eliminating gas flaring. It’s about how to produce more with less energy.

Likewise, he said that they plan to establish an energy management system to address the challenges associated with energy consumption in various areas of the country. Sandoval stressed the need to understand how energy is used, what the sources of supply are and how to identify common patterns in consumption.

Since they have operations in four different regions of the country, collaboration and adoption of best practices become crucial elements to improve energy efficiency and utilization in all locations. This strategic approach aims to ensure more sustainable and controlled energy consumption.

Regarding his vision for the future, the Hocol representative in SLOM is optimistic about the interaction of the American countries.

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About Hocol

Hocol is a prominent Colombian company with a legacy of almost 70 years in the oil industry. Founded in 1956 as a company dedicated to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, HOCOL has evolved into a leading organization in the energy sector.

Its main focus is on the responsible extraction of oil and gas, committing to high standards of safety, environmental protection and sustainable development. HOCOL’s core values ​​include integrity, innovation, respect for local communities and operational excellence, reflecting its dedication to positively contributing to the growth and development of Colombia.

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