HMT Inspection at ASNT 2023: “It is a great opportunity for all of us”

ASNT 2023

Inspenet, October 27, 2023.

The ASNT Conference 2023 is still underway and this time the Inspenet team had the opportunity to interview Reese Mankenberg, Director of Sales for Advanced Services at HMT Inspection, a company located in Houston that has stood out as one of the main providers of comprehensive inspection services at the event.

Likewise, Mankenberg shared information about the company and its offers during the interview. HMT Inspection services are in the field of radiography and their expertise ranges from tank and pipeline inspection to advanced ultrasonic equipment inspection, phasing and more.

We are a full service provider in the field of general radiography and all UTM equipment .”

It should be noted that the company operates throughout the country, with offices in Tomball and The Woodlands and has inspection teams distributed throughout the territory.

Although HMT Inspection began as a tank inspection and maintenance company, Reese Mankenberg highlighted that it offers a much broader range of services, including inspection of pipelines, pressure vessels, refineries and more. They also provide remotely operated vehicle (ROV) access and maintenance services, allowing them to offer comprehensive solutions to their customers nationwide.

Addressing common challenges faced when inspecting tanks and pipelines, Mankenberg stressed the importance of tank cleanliness and the need to ensure all the information necessary to conduct an accurate inspection is available . Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of accurate interpretation of results and identification of possible discrepancies in the inspection, underlining the rigorous and precision-oriented approach.

ASNT provides an ideal platform for companies like HMT Inspection to connect with colleagues, clients and those interested in the latest technologies and practices in the field of non-destructive testing.

We are connecting with many quality companies and with our client companies .”

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