Historical! Mexico decrees natural gas as “clean energy”

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Inspenet, June 1, 2023

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) added in the category of “clean” and “fuel-free” electrical energy to that produced with natural gas, in its efforts to try to achieve the country’s environmental commitments.

In an extensive document published in the Official Gazette (DOF), the CRE announced modifications to several standards related to calculations to measure the efficiency of cogeneration systems and the percentages of free energy from fuels.

1897 Freepik tanques gas natural Mexico energia interna 1

The Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission takes a historic turn by considering natural gas as clean electricity

In a section of the published agreement, the CRE says that “clean electricity will be considered” that which takes advantage of the residual heat of a system that has used natural gas or cleaner fuels.

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In another new section, the CRE specifies that “fuel-free energy” will be the additional electrical energy produced by a plant that uses natural gas and is the product of a type of cooling technology.

Until now, natural gas had been considered a fuel for the energy transition towards renewable sources, but not a source of clean energy.

1897 Mexico decreta al gas natural como energia limpia interna

Source : New energies

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