Historic Achievement: Scientists Discover a New Superconducting Material

Inspenet, March 24, 2023

Scientists at the University of Rochester , led by Ranga Dias, have created a superconducting material at a temperature and pressure low enough to have practical applications.

Since 2017, the institution’s scientists have been researching this material and have even managed to create some fairly stable materials, although not as efficient as expected, but their new superconductor has surprised everyone.

The new material is described in an article in the journal Nature, titled “Evidence for near-ambient superconductivity in an N-doped lutetium hydride” and has been dubbed “reddmatter”, created by taking a rare earth metal called lutetium. and mix it with hydrogen and a small part of nitrogen.

According to the article, to work, the material needs to be heated to 20.5 degrees Celsius and compressed to approximately 145,000 psi, which is far less than most superconductors currently available.

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Scientists at the University of Rochester, led by Ranga Dias, have created a superconducting material

In the article, the scientist described the reddmatter as “The path to superconducting consumer electronics, power transfer lines, transportation, and significant improvements in magnetic confinement for fusion is now a reality. We believe we are now in the modern era of superconductors.”

It is already beginning to speculate what uses can be given to this material, which would allow moving much larger electrical charges and one of these uses may be the development of “tokamak machines”, keys to nuclear fusion.

Source : https://www.publimetro.com.ar/estilo-vida/2023/03/15/cientificos-descubren-un-material-superconductor-que-puede-significar-una-nueva-fuente-de-energia/

Photo : Credit: University of Rochester Twitter @UofR

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