High technology! The White House plans to develop 6G

Inspenet, April 26, 2023

The Biden Administration convened corporate, government and academic experts to address the development of 6G technologies, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported. According to the media, the Biden Administration’s decision is linked to China’s success in the telecommunications sector.

According to the newspaper, the White House initiative is aimed at reaffirming US leadership. and its allies in the telecommunications sector amid Beijing’s successful efforts in this area. In particular, it is the Chinese technology giant Huawei, which uses 5G to achieve Beijing’s “economic and national security objectives”.

“China really prioritized its telecommunications sector… and I think we haven’t,” said a White House official responsible for security.

In addition, he described it as “imperative” to examine the development of this technology as soon as possible. He added that Washington seeks to “draw lessons learned from 5G on the importance of early engagement and resilience” to develop 6G, which “optimizes performance, accessibility and security.”

1717 Casa Blanca desarrollar 6G interna
The White House plans to develop 6G

6G features

As for the features of 6G, Washington hopes that by combining artificial intelligence (AI), advanced software, cloud computing, and cutting-edge semiconductor chips, faster networks can be created to support applications in health, energy , transport, agriculture and water.

Source: https://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/464734-casa-blanca-planea-desarrollar-redes-6g

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