Heavy Duty Truck Converted to Hydrogen Electric Model

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An unusual request received by a Dutch company has led to the creation of a hydrogen-powered heavy truck, a challenge that has resulted in an innovative solution for sustainable transportation.

Indeed, Holthausen Clean Technologybased in the Netherlands, has responded to the demand of carriers seeking sustainable alternatives for their fleets, overcoming the limitations of diesel trucks in terms of fuel supply and autonomy. The company specializes in adapting new technologies based on alternative fuels to make them more efficient and economically viable for transportation companies.

Recently, this company accepted a challenge from a Swedish transporter (which has not been identified) to develop a heavy truck capable of carrying up to 60 tons. This vehicle not only had to be powerful and have a long range, but also be completely non-polluting. The model selected for this project was a new generation DAF XF.

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DAF XF: from heavy-duty truck to hydrogen electric truck

Holthausen’s work focused on converting this vehicle into a hydrogen electric truck, equipped with a fuel cell that generates electricity from hydrogen and emits water instead of polluting gases. This approach provides a 100% clean propulsion solution.

The modified DAF XF features a lengthened chassis, designed for long-haul logistics, but with one notable absence: the traditional diesel engine was replaced by an electric motor powered by electricity generated by the hydrogen fuel cell.

The most striking feature of the truck, apart from its vibrant red color, is the considerable number of hydrogen tanks installed behind the cab. In total, three triple racks house 18 tanks, plus two more on the chassis. With these tanks completely filled, the truck can travel approximately 1,400 km without refueling, offering a total power output of 450 kW, equivalent to 612 horsepower.

Importantly, Holthausen has also incorporated special temperature management systems to ensure optimal truck operation in cold Arctic conditions, including cab heating and temperature control for the fuel cell system components.

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