He has 3 records! Meet the largest gas station in the world

Inspenet, April 14, 2023

Check out Buc-ee’s , in Texas, USA, which holds three world records: the station with the most pumps, the longest car wash in the world and the largest gas station store on the planet.

The gas station

Buc-ee’s Station, located in New Braunfels, Texas, on Interstate 35. The gas station has more than 120 refueling stations, 83 restrooms, 31 cash registers, restaurants, bars and different shops.

Buc-ee’s, claimed the title of America’s Highest Rated Gas Station Brand, based on performance in the “Overall” rating category. This Texan gas station serves drivers with a simple idea such as giving gasoline at a good price and keeping their bathrooms very clean.

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The world’s largest gas station has 120 refueling stations

the convenience store

The convenience store is the largest in the world with 68,000 square feet, 4 Icee machines and 80 fountain dispensers. The store was also named a 2012 “America’s Best Bathroom” by Cintas.

The business logo is a beaver due to the surname of its founder, and it has become a popular sign of identity for its loyal followers who wear t-shirts, caps and all kinds of souvenirs sold in the store.

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In this gas station you can find a lot of products

In late 2018, Buc-ee’s announced a deal with Tooshlights to place special indicator lights in restrooms to alert customers which stalls are or are not occupied. This is similar to the indicator lights used in some parking facilities that tell drivers which parking spaces are available and which are not. Katy’s and Temple Buc-ee stores would be the first to get the special indicator lights for the restroom.

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The gas station has a logo with the image of a beaver

The car wash

Buc-ee’s car wash in Katy, Texas is the world’s longest at 56,000 square feet, 85 yards long and has every possible tool to get your vehicle shining again.

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You can also wash your car at the gas station

An exaggerated amount of brushes and jets, scrubs and dries your car like never before. If you need to vacuum the interior, there are 32 stations, so you probably won’t have to wait. At 255 feet long, the car wash is slightly shorter than a football field, plus the car wash has 17 blowers and 32 vacuum stations.

1654 gasolinera mas grande Texas Shutterstock 4
The largest gas station in the world has a logo with a smiling beaver

Source : https://serprogas.com.gt/gasolinera-mas-grande-del-mundo/

Photos : JHVEPhoto / Ray Shrewsberry / EWY Media / Shutterstock.com

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