Halliburton presents improvement system for hydrocarbon extraction

Inspenet, October 12, 2023.

Halliburton Company has launched the FlexRite Selective Access multilateral completion system, designed to address the most complicated and demanding well situations in the industry, which seeks to maximize interaction with the underground reserve, resulting in savings of resources, time and less environmental footprint.

About the Halliburton Company System

This system is a leader in terms of pressure resistance and can carry out multilateral well operations in challenging geological conditions. Through its innovative approach that combines stimulation and selective intervention capabilities through well completion, the FlexRite Selective Access system provides a versatile, long-life solution for multilateral well completion.

Multilateral completions maximize recovery factors and improve well economics while reducing the operator’s environmental footprint ,” said David Loveless, vice president of completion tools at Halliburton. ” The FlexRite Selective Access system is a strategic product line expansion that increases viable applications for multilateral well strategies and provides the benefits operators are seeking .”

Likewise, the FlexRite Selective Access is an addition to the range of Advanced Completions solutions of Halliburton, which are created with the purpose of improving reservoir management, increasing the hydrocarbon extraction and optimize production, ultimately leading to potential increased revenue and higher asset value. You can obtain additional information about our multilateral systems on our website.

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Source: https://www.oilreviewmiddleeast.com/exploration-production/is-halliburtons-flexrite-system-revolutionary

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