Grupo Testek offers various special services with Level III inspectors


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Inspenet, February 28, 2023

The Testek Group offers various services in association with Level III ASNT inspectors, qualified and certified in Non-Destructive Testing (END), professionals with extensive experience who can give advice, sign documents and work hours, develop Ultrasound procedures and development of practices written SNT-TC-1A and CP-189.

Development of written practice SNT-TC-1A and CP-189 . The inspectors support their clients to develop their written practice under the recommended practice SNT-TC-1A or CP-189. The development of this written practice will be prepared and approved by a Level III ASNT. The work must be approved by the client to satisfy their requirements and by Level III. The dynamics of the work will be through advances and revisions to provide the client with the best written practice that meets their needs.

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Ultrasound procedure development . Also, at Testek they offer the service to develop an ultrasonic inspection procedure, this work would be prepared by a Level III ASNT in Ultrasound. For the execution of this work, they require the technical specifications of the inspection process that is to be developed. The work must be approved by the client, through a dynamic of advances and revisions, so that the practice is adjusted to their needs.

Inspectors Work Hours Signature. Testek’s Level III UT inspectors can sign inspector work hours for their records. The signature will be after verification of the information that supports said work time.

Signature of documents by Level III. Level III inspectors can sign the documentation requested by clients, as long as said documentation meets the requirements to be signed by a Level III. In the event that this is not the case, it will undergo a review process in agreement with the client.

Advisory. At Testek, advisory hours are also offered by a Level III to support the requirements or approaches that clients have regarding a project or any other request.

Learn about all the services provided by the Testek Group, by visiting their website: , you can also contact them via email at , Telegram: , Whatsapp to +58 4242161823. Testek has branches in Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and the United States.

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