In Chile! The first green hydrogen plant in Latin America is inaugurated

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Inspenet, August 11, 2023.

Walmart, in association with the energy generation firm Engie, has inaugurated the first green hydrogen plant in Latin America . Located in the commune of Quilicura, Chile, the plant is located in the Walmart distribution facilities, with the purpose that the company can achieve the operation of 100% of its logistics chain through green hydrogen, aspiring to become an entity with zero emissions for the year 2040.

The collaboration between the Walmart and Engie corporations has given rise to an innovative joint venture. The Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel, highlighted the example of “tangible progress” that this facility represents.

Green hydrogen plant: progress for Chile and Latin America

“Walmart has been a pioneer in adopting hydrogen technology and its fuel cells more than a decade ago. Today, from Chile, we are taking a step further, by being the first plant of the company in the world supplied from renewable sources” , assured the President and CEO of Walmart Chile, Cristián Barrientos.

“This proposal contemplated an investment of approximately 15 million dollars, destined to replace the lead-acid batteries of 200 forklifts with “fuel of the future” cells, in an initial phase. This transition will avoid the generation of 250 tons of toxic waste per year.

The opening ceremony was led by Cristian Barrientos and was attended by former President Michelle Bachelet, the Ministers of Finance and Energy, Mario Marcel and Diego Pardow respectively, as well as the participation of Engie Chile’s Corporate Affairs Manager. , Pablo Villarino, and the President and CEO of Walmart Inc., Doug McMillon..

“In the statement, the company stated that it is fully aware that the future of organizations must rest on a more efficient use of natural resources. In this line, green hydrogen is presented as an outstanding alternative to advance in the decarbonization of our Energy Matrix”.

The opening of this production facility for the increasingly recognized green hydrogen is only “the first step in the direction of the objectives that the company seeks to achieve in relation to clean energy,” Barrientos said.

According to Minister Marcel, there are few countries that are developing projects and showing genuine progress in this area. This plant is a demonstration that Chile “has the advantage of being able to present tangible achievements, achievements that are visible, perceptible,” he added.

Likewise, he emphasized the importance of having public policies that facilitate the process and stressed that taking concrete steps in the field of green hydrogen means abandoning utopian concepts and facing reality.


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