Great news! Industrial Lithium Carbonate Plant in Potosí registers 92% progress in its construction

Inspenet, May 22, 2023

Bolivian President Luis Arce reported that the Lithium Carbonate Industrial Plant entered its final stage with 92% progress in its construction and that with the start-up of this factory, Bolivia will position itself as an important producer of this material for its application in batteries.

“With more than 92% progress, the construction of our Lithium Carbonate Plant in Potosí enters its final stage. The industrial operation of this plant will position Bolivia as an important producer of lithium carbonate for its application in batteries”, the Head of State wrote on his Facebook account.

1848 Planta Industrial de Carbonato de Litio en Potosi INTERNA

Concluding in June: the revolutionary plant that will make Bolivia a leader in the production of lithium carbonate

In March, the president of Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB), Carlos Ramos, reported that the construction of that plant is expected to conclude in June or July of this year and start its production process in October.

Considering that the construction of the factory concludes in June, then start-up will begin, which is one of the most delicate processes, which will take approximately three months.

Meanwhile, last Saturday, Ramos indicated that “times are adjusted” to start up the new plant and produce this year at least the first 2,000 tons (t) of lithium carbonate on an industrial scale.

Details about the plant

According to official data, the new Lithium Carbonate Industrial Plant is built in the Lithium Industrial Complex, located in the municipality of Uyuni, southwest of the department of Potosí.

The construction of this important industrial factory requires an investment of around USD 96.4 million and will have a production capacity of at least 15,000 tons per year.

The construction of this plant was paralyzed in 2020, during the administration of the government of Jeanine Áñez; however, it was resumed in 2021 with the arrival of President Luis Arce to the government.

Lithium carbonate is a raw material for the manufacture of batteries and given the growing production of electric vehicles, the demand for it and other derivatives of the white metal skyrocketed in the international market.

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