Google offers 9,000 scholarships to boost your career in the world of technology

Inspenet, May 23, 2023

Google Argentina has just launched 9,000 totally free educational scholarships for people who want to enter the technology job market, in partnership with four NGOs: Comunidad IT, Fundación Pescar, Potrero Digital and Civic House.

Four areas, four opportunities

There are four courses that are offered through the Coursera platform and the certifications are for the areas of: IT Support, Data Analysis, Project Management and User Experience Design (UX).

You can choose only one of the four. They last approximately 6 months, and are designed to be compatible with people who already have a job, other studies or family, since they are 100% online and asynchronous, that is, they can be done at their own pace.

Each of them combines theory, use of current tools in different areas and practices with real cases. In addition, at the end of the program, all graduates will receive a certificate from Google to endorse their knowledge.

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The program aims to provide practical digital skills in areas of high labor demand to vulnerable communities, underrepresented groups, women, youth, and people over 50 who want to enter the technology job market.

It is also sought that people who already have previous professional experience can renew their knowledge and be up to date with the needs of the labor market.

Google scholarships include access to a network of partner companies and a job bank

As part of this program, a Network of allied companies was formed that have access to the profiles of the graduates and these, in turn, can access a job bank through the organizations of the NGO that granted them the scholarships. .

Expand your horizons with Google scholarships

To register, you must enter the ” Crece con Google ” site: and fill out the form with your personal data. The only requirements are: being over 18 years of age and not having a university degree.

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