GMV and ANYbotics partners to robotize industrial inspection

Isbel Lázaro.
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inspección industrial

Inspenet, November 20, 2023.

GMV , the Spanish technology company, has established a strategic collaboration with ANYbotics , a leader in the development of autonomous robots for industrial inspection. This alliance seeks to transform industrial inspection practices, promoting efficiency and optimization of resources in this business field.

Autonomous robotics have established themselves as an essential solution to carry out inspections, both routine and complex, more efficiently in the industry. The partnership between these two renowned companies represents a significant step forward towards the widespread adoption of robotics technology. The integration of GMV’s uPathWay solution with ANYbotics’ specialized quadruped robots, designed specifically for inspection tasks, makes it possible to implement navigation systems in outdoor environments and optimize fleets in real time.

Technology and innovation in industrial inspection

ANYbotics leads the development of highly versatile autonomous robots, capable of navigating complex industrial environments and performing high-precision inspections. The resistance and adaptability of its ANYmal quadruped robots, added to their ability to operate in adverse conditions, make them ideal partners for applications in the industrial field.

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On the other hand, GMV contributes its vast experience in control and automation systems, as well as in the integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. The uPathWay solution, built into quadruped robots, fuses the accuracy of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-based localization with the efficiency of dynamic routing.

The incorporation of inspection robots in industrial environments brings numerous benefits, such as optimization of process and resource management. On the one hand, real-time data collection and advanced analysis allow informed decisions to be made and predictive maintenance to be planned, which translates into cost reduction and an increase in the useful life of assets. On the other hand, inspection robots have the ability to move autonomously to remote areas or dangerous environments, avoiding the need to move people and generating a significant reduction in the carbon footprint.

At GMV we are committed to providing cutting-edge autonomous robotics solutions that meet the highest quality standards, even offering ATEX-certified solutions so that they can operate in areas with risk of explosion. This collaboration marks a milestone in industrial automation and reinforces our commitment to continue driving innovation in this field.” says Ángel C. Lázaro, head of Robotics and Automation for GMV’s Industry Sector.

For his part, Enzo Wälchli, communications director at ANYbotics, states: “The integration of ANYmal with GMV’s uPathWay solution fits perfectly with ANYbotics’ strategic vision for AI-powered autonomous mobility. This integration allows ANYmal to manage outdoor inspection tasks in multiple sectors efficiently, leveraging the power of the cloud platform to perform multiple tasks. Gives our robots a decisive advantage in dynamic environments“.

Two prominent protagonists in the technological field join forces to catalyze the revolution in automated industrial inspections. Both are committed to carrying out a process characterized by high levels of availability, reliability and efficiency.

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