Germany begins construction of a vital power line for the energy transition


Inspenet, September 14, 2023.

Important power line in Germany!

Germany has begun one of its most significant projects in its energy transition process with the beginning of construction of the SuedLink electric transmission line. Construction has begun on crucial sections of this continuous power line that will stretch for some 700 km, connecting the windy northern states of the country with the industrial centers of the south.

This ambitious project, known as SuedLink, aims to be completed in 2028 and has an estimated investment of 10 billion euros, according to the Ministry of Economy and Climate (BMWK). Robert Habeck, the minister, highlighted that “SuedLink will allow southern Germany to take advantage of the abundant wind energy in the north, thus strengthening security of supply both in Germany and in our neighboring countries.”

The segment across the Elbe River in northern Germany, managed by Tennet, is considered the most technically complex section of the entire power line , Habeck said, noting that its execution was being planned as an integral part of the overall project. .

SuedLink will connect Bergrheinfeld, located in the southeast of the state of Bavaria, with Großgartach, in the southeast of Baden-Württemberg. After facing years of intense protests from residents that caused construction delays, most of the SuedLink route is now planned to run underground.

With a transmission capacity of 4 gigawatts, this line has the technical capacity to supply electricity to approximately ten million homes. In addition to the start of SuedLink works, Habeck also announced that the completion of the “West Coast Line” (Westküstenleitung), which connects Germany with Denmark, a region rich in wind energy, is near.


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