General Motors invests in EnergyX and its revolutionary lithium extraction technology

Inspenet, April 23, 2023

General Motors (GM) is committed to EnergyX ‘s innovative lithium extraction technology with a $50 million investment in the company. The strategic collaboration between both companies seeks to boost the production and refining of lithium, a key component in electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

EnergyX and its direct lithium extraction technology

EnergyX’s direct lithium extraction technology allows metallic lithium to be extracted directly from brine, making it easy to process into anode-ready material for EV batteries. This innovative process could complement or even replace traditional evaporation ponds, thus optimizing lithium production and reducing costs and time.

General Motors and its commitment to electric mobility

The investment in EnergyX demonstrates General Motors’ commitment to electric mobility and sustainability. By collaborating with EnergyX, GM seeks to ensure a stable and efficient supply of lithium for its future electric vehicles, strengthening its position in the EV market and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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General Motors and its commitment to electric mobility

Expansion and growth of EnergyX

EnergyX is expanding, building a 40,000-square-foot research, development and manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas. In addition, the company plans to double its workforce to 100 employees in the coming months. The investment from General Motors and the strategic agreement with the automotive company will allow EnergyX to accelerate its projects and consolidate its position as a leader in lithium extraction technologies.

General Motors’ investment in EnergyX and the joint development of lithium extraction technology could transform electric vehicle battery production, improving efficiency and reducing costs in an increasingly competitive and sustainable market.

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