General Electric develops a large 18 MW offshore wind turbine

Inspenet, March 17, 2023

The North American company General Electric has confirmed that it is developing a marine wind turbine that will reach 18 MW.

This has been indicated by the Executive Director of GE, Scott Strazik, who during a conference with a group of investors explained that his GE Vernova division is developing a Haliade-X offshore wind turbine that will reach a power of between 17 and 18 MW , which will make it one of the largest in the world.

This will mean a leap forward compared to the most outstanding models of the company, which last December announced that its Haliade-X, the first wind turbine with a capacity of more than 12 MW, had received the certificate of operations of up to 14, 7 MW by DNV, the world’s largest independent certification body, which officially made it the most powerful wind turbine to date certified by it.

In this way, General Electric will match the power of the largest wind turbine presented to date. A model of the Asian company China Haizhuang (CSSC) that has designed a wind turbine called H260, which reaches 18 MW. A giant that has a rotor diameter of 260 meters and a swept area of more than 50,000 square meters.

There are no production details yet, but it is estimated that each unit may exceed 80 million kWh per year, enough to power more than 45,000 homes, saving more than 60,000 tons of CO 2 emissions per year.

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