France and Scotland join forces to boost hydrogen use

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France Hydrogène and the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) have established a memorandum of understanding (SHFCA) have established a memorandum of understanding to strengthen collaboration and cooperation between the two entities, with the aim of accelerating the deployment of hydrogen in the transition to net-zero emissions.

According to SHFCA, this strategic alliance will benefit from the combined strength and experience of both associations, representing more than 650 organizations in total.

Alliance for the use of hydrogen

The main objectives of the memorandum include fostering collaborative projects to develop effective connections between France Hydrogène and SHFCA on behalf of their members; sharing knowledge to support the growth and benefits of the sector, as well as developing and sharing best practices for the safe use and deployment of hydrogen; enhancing representation and advocacy with other organizations in complementary geographic locations to foster the development of partnerships; supporting capacity building, training, education and outreach activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); and sharing resources such as news articles, communications and events of common interest.

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Gillian Martin, Minister for Energy, Scottish Government, highlighted that this strategic partnership between SHFCA and France Hydrogène is a step forward for accelerate hydrogen development in both countriesThe company’s activities include supporting the development of competencies, fostering business growth and promoting research and development activities essential for the energy transition.

For his part, Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogène, expressed his satisfaction at strengthening the relationship with SHFCA on key issues for the advancement of the hydrogen economy in Europe, anticipating continued cooperation with Scotland to promote collaboration between the associations and their members to combat climate change, strengthen European energy security and economic development.

Nigel Holmes, SHFCA’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for this new partnership with France Hydrogène, which will help to accelerate the hydrogen implementation and the fuel cellshelping to establish a hydrogen economy The experience of the combined membership of the two organizations has enabled them to thrive throughout Europe.

Importantly, France Hydrogène, which has more than 450 members, brings together French hydrogen sector players along the entire value chain, demonstrating the commitment of both nations to move towards a sustainable, net-zero emissions energy future.

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