For the first time! Wind and solar energies reach a record 10% of global electricity in 2021

By : Dr. Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, March 31, 2022.

Wind and solar power reached a record 10% of global electricity in 2022, which means that clean energy; it is now 38% of the total supply after a recovery in demand growth, according to a report by Ember Climate.

In its analysis “Global Electricity Review”, Ember Climate, pointed out that solar generation presented an increase of 23% in 2021, while wind power, an increase of 14%, which, when combined, achieve more than 10% of generation world electricity.

Similarly, the study indicated that to be on the path to keeping Global Warming to 1.5 degrees, it is necessary to keep compound growth rates high at 20% each year until 2030.

“This is eminently possible: wind and solar are the lowest cost sources of electricity on a level basis; with a growing global experience of integrating them into networks at high levels”, highlighted the study.

To date 50 countries generate more than 10% of their electricity with these renewable sources; and only three generate more than 40 percent. Some governments like the United States; Germany; United Kingdom; The US and Canada have plans to make their electricity grid 100% clean in the next decade and a half.

Despite this, coal is still growing in tandem with global electricity demand, so governments need to act boldly and ambitiously, Ember Climate said.

In this regard, David Jones, global leader of Ember Climate, assured that wind and solar energy are here to stay. “The process that will reshape the existing energy system has begun. This decade, they must be implemented at the speed of light to reverse the rise in global emissions and address climate change,” said Jones.

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