For the first time in history! Israel exports oil to Europe

Inspenet, February 21, 2023

Israel began exporting oil to Europe this month, with a cargo of sweet crude coming out of the Karish gas field facilities in the Mediterranean.

Energean, the international company that manages the field, explained in a statement that they were “delighted to confirm that the first lift of a cargo of Israeli crude oil was carried out in the Karish field.” And they add: “For the first time in the history of Israel’s oil and gas production, liquid hydrocarbons will be exported to world markets.”

Karish and the Tamar and Leviathan fields have made Israel a regional natural gas powerhouse in recent years, which it now exports to several countries.

Nick Witney, commercial director of the Energean Group, said in that regard that, “while we remain a gas-focused company,” “light, sweet crude oil produced responsibly in modern, low-carbon facilities is in high demand across world level”.

“We are happy and proud that Energean has made it easy for Israel to join the club of international oil exporters,” said company CEO Mathios Rigas.

Karish, Tamar and Leviathan are reducing Israel’s dependence on foreign energy.

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Photo : Energean

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