FlawTech at ASNT 2023: We must keep up with technology

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Inspenet, October 24, 2023.

During the ASNT 2023 Conference , our team spoke with Rick Morgan, former president of ASNT and representative of FlawTech , a leading defective test tube manufacturing technology company who offered attendees the opportunity to explore their technology and express their needs regarding their products.

Morgan begins by highlighting that FlawTech is recognized worldwide for its expertise in creating intentionally defective samples used to evaluate the training and skills of inspectors.

We manufacture technology for any type of inspection: induced current, ultrasound, magnetic particles, penetrating liquids and radiography.

In its constant pursuit of innovation, the company has expanded its scope to the development of concrete specimens for radar penetration testing (GPR).

We have to keep up with technology, because as equipment improves, we also have to create smaller and better bugs.

It is important to mention that Ricky Morgan, who has been a member of ASNT for more than 30 years, not only witnesses the evolution of this organization, but has also contributed to its development, as he is currently part of the ASNT board of directors. and works on the ultrasound committee, where he participates in the creation of the new ultrasound manual for the fourth edition.

Organizing the ASNT conference takes time and effort, but Ricky emphasizes that the benefits it brings to the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) community are invaluable. This year, the conference features more space and exhibitors than last year in Nashville, with revenue exceeding expectations.

As for what to expect during the conference, Morgan highlighted that the first day marks the start of the event, followed by the awards ceremony and the official opening. The days that follow promise to be packed with interesting talks, valuable presentations and networking opportunities.

There are many interesting comments and good presentations. Lots of learning and networking opportunities

About FlawTech

With more than 40 years of experience, FlawTech has been manufacturing defective samples that have met the demands of critical industries ranging from nuclear energy to space exploration.

The company has established itself as the gold standard in creating high-quality defective samples. As Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology has evolved, FlawTech has too. Their commitment to the industry, as well as close collaboration with customers and various industry organizations, has allowed them to improve and develop new manufacturing processes, and create innovative products that address contemporary technical challenges.

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