Historic milestone! For the first time, mother and daughter take to the skies on a space trip

Isbel Lázaro.

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Inspenet, August 16, 2023.

In an unforgettable moment in history, three brave adventurers reached for the stars (or at least touched their limit). Departing from the futuristic Spaceport America in New Mexico, this exciting space journey has featured some unique personalities, including a former British Olympian and, even more exciting, Keisha Schahaff and her 18-year-old daughter, Anastatia Mayers . They make up the first mother and daughter duo from the Caribbean to have ventured into space.

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Keisha Schahaff and her daughter Anastatia Mayers

The flight carried out by Virgin Galactic last Thursday had a successful performance and managed to establish several milestones in the aerospace industry. Among these achievements, the fact that for the first time a mother and her daughter shared an experience in space stands out. Due to this event, the Galactic 02 mission has been described by the company as a “historic journey” that will be recorded in the books.

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More details about the historic space trip

The powerful craft, which achieved breakneck speeds of Mach 3 and reached altitudes of a staggering 55 miles during its majestic flight, was airborne for just one hour. Although he did not cross the official border of space, known as the Kármán Line, this journey certainly left its mark.

The three passing visionaries, backed by a world-class team of pilots and trainers, show us that the cosmos isn’t just for state-trained astronauts. Kelly Latimer, one of the brave pilots, stood out as the first woman to command a commercial space flight, emotionally proclaiming: “I fulfilled the dream I had since I was a child.” A trip that not only broke atmospheric barriers, but also those of gender, with the majority of its crew made up of women.

This feat is not an isolated act. Let’s remember that not long ago, three members of the Italian Air Force performed a similar feat. It is evident that the suborbital dream is no longer exclusive to superpowers and billionaires. With initiatives like these, a horizon opens up where, in the not too distant future, people from all corners of the world could experience the magic of space .

The future is now and the cosmos is closer than we think!

Source and photo: https://hipertextual.com/2023/08/vuelo-virgin-galactic-madre-hija

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