European port debuted the first hydrogen-powered tugboat

Isbel Lázaro.

remolcador propulsado por hidrógeno

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges and CMB.TECH have announced that the Hydrotug 1 , the first hydrogen-powered tugboat , is ready to operate in the port area of ​​Antwerp. This advance will be fundamental in the initiative of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges to make its fleet more sustainable and achieve climate neutrality by 2050 .

Jacques Vandermeiren, general director of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, indicated that “Hydrogen is one of the keys to an economy and a society with minimal climate impact. As such, it is one of the raw materials, energy sources and fuels of the future. The Port of Antwerp-Bruges wants to fully exploit its potential and is committed to being an active pioneer in the hydrogen economy on a European scale. With the Hydrotug 1, the world’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat, we want to be a source of inspiration and an example for other ports”.

Hydrotug 1: the first hydrogen-powered tugboat

The Hydrotug 1 stands out as the first tugboat in the world that uses combustion engines powered by hydrogen in conjunction with conventional fuel. This innovative vessel uses dual-fuel BeHydro V12 medium speed engines, each with a capacity of 2 MW and equipped with the latest European Union Stage V emissions aftertreatment system.

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Thanks to these engines, the vessel uses cleaner fuels, generating a substantial 65% reduction in traditional fuel consumption and associated emissions during the tugboat’s overall operating cycle.

Hydrotug 1 has the capacity to store 415 kg of compressed hydrogen distributed on six platforms installed on the deck, helping to eliminate emissions equivalent to those produced by 350 cars annually.

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