Colombia’s first biomethane plant inaugurated

planta de biometano

Inspenet, October 9, 2023.

First biomethane plant in the country!

Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) has put into operation the first biomethane facility in Colombia, which uses the sludge digestion process during wastewater treatment at the San Fernando Wastewater Treatment Plant in Itagüí. Its purpose is to purify the resulting biogas and then inject it into the home gas distribution system.

The construction of this plant represented an investment of around $5 million dollars and its objective is to take advantage of approximately 1,200 m 3 of biogas. This amount is enough to cover the energy needs of around 40,000 homes.

The energy transition requires a diversification of the energy matrix with renewable energy sources, for which clean, reliable and economically viable energy is essential. As an organization we are committed to alternative energies such as biomethane, which contribute to people’s quality of life and environmental care.“said EPM manager Jorge Carrillo.

Biomethane is mostly a combination of methane and carbon dioxide that results from the decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms.

At the San Fernando Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP), this gas undergoes a purification, enrichment and transformation process to achieve the necessary quality that allows its transport through gas pipelines and its use in both domestic and industrial environments.


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