Finland to launch offshore wind auction

Isbel Lázaro.

energía eólica marina en Finlandia

Inspenet, November 28, 2023.

Finland plans to hold an auction for the concession of five areas in public waters, destined for offshore wind energy projects that could house up to 500 turbines, as announced last Thursday.

“The total area of ​​the five offshore wind sites that will be included in the auction procedure is about 860 km 2 and their maximum calculated capacity is about 7,500 MW ,” the Government stated in a statement.

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It should be noted that the government entity in charge of the administration of land and aquatic areas in Finland will carry out the auctions and grant leases of land on the country’s western coast to selected partners for a period of up to 50 years.

Wind power from the sites to be auctioned is expected to increase Finland’s annual electricity production by more than a third ,” Climate and Environment Minister Kai Mykkanen told reporters.

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