Engie inaugurates Solar Plant in Chile


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Inspenet, January 24, 2023

In line with its purpose of acting to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral world, Engie Chile’s Capricornio Solar Plant was inaugurated.

The park, which is located 35 km from Antofagasta, has a generation capacity of 87.9 MW thanks to its 249,210 photovoltaic panels, which supply renewable energy to the equivalent of 36,000 homes in the north of the country, meaning a reduction of 152,015 tons of CO2 pollution.

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“This inauguration marks the closure of the first group of non-conventional renewable energy projects built by Engie Chile, as the beginning of the energy transition policy. In addition, in parallel, we have been making rapid progress in accelerating the transition… Investing in clean energy is not only investing in more electricity generation, it is also investing in a common future, a future with a cleaner, safer and more sustainable energy matrix. And we are making this possible thanks to this tremendous team that is meeting today”, said Rosaline Corinthien, CEO of Engie Chile.

Likewise, to recognize the people who participated in the development, construction and operation of the Capricorn Solar Plant, they were given a symbolic plaque corresponding to a solar tracker from the renewable energy park.

Source: https://www.portalminero.com/wp/engie-inaugura-planta-solar-capricornio-en-la-region-de-antogasta/

Cover photo : Pixabay

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