ENGIE Chile started commercial operations of its largest renewable energy park

Inspenet, April 20, 2023

ENGIE Chile announced the start of commercial operations of the Coya Solar Plant, its largest renewable energy park, with a generation capacity of 181.25 MWac that allows supplying 73,000 homes in the country with green energy.

The company took an important step in its transformation plan by obtaining the Commercial Operation Declaration (COD) from the National Electrical Coordinator for the Coya Solar Plant.

The park -located in the commune of María Elena, Antofagasta region- has a generation capacity of 181.25 MWac and is the operating site of the company that provides the most green energy to the National Electric System (SEN).

With its 369,432 photovoltaic panels, it allows the equivalent of 73,000 homes to be supplied with renewable energy, which means a reduction of 311,293 tons of CO2 pollution per year.

The solar energy generated by the photovoltaic park will be stored thanks to a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), which will have a capacity of 638 MWh. The initiative called “BESS Coya” -which is currently under construction- will provide greater efficiency and flexibility to the SEN.

“Obtaining the COD for our Coya Solar Plant closes the first stage of our transformation plan, with solar and wind plants that already add around 800 MW of renewable energy to the system. Now begins a second stage that consists of adding new technologies to the development of projects, such as storage systems. In this way, we continue advancing in our commitment to accelerate the transition towards a carbon neutral economy”, commented Rosaline Corinthien, CEO of ENGIE Chile.

In addition, another of the innovations that the plant will have will be the cleaning of its solar panels -of bifacial technology- that will be carried out by robots that do not require water, which makes it more environmentally sustainable.

“We are proud to add a new achievement to our transformation plan. The Coya Solar Plant was a great challenge as it is the largest renewable energy park that we have in the country, it demonstrates the dedication of each one of the collaborators who made it possible for today to dispatch green energy to the system,” said Mathieu Ablard, Managing Director GBU Renewables of ENGIE Chile.

It should be remembered that the company connected the Calama Wind Farm (151.2 MW), the Tamaya Solar Plant (114 MW) and the Capricornio Solar Plant (88 MW) to the SEN; and acquired its first site in operation that generates energy thanks to the wind, the San Pedro Wind Farm (101 MW), located in the province of Chiloé, Los Lagos region.

Source: https://www.engie.cl/entro-en-operacion-comercial-el-mayor-parque-de-energia-renovable-de-engie-chile/

Photo : Engie Chile

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