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Inspenet, September 23, 2023.

The constant pursuit of climate neutrality has motivated various companies to collaborate in Ørestad , a district in Copenhagen. Its goal is to develop the first area in the world that is energy self-sufficient and highly efficient in terms of resource consumption.

Thanks to the cooperation between Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen (ØICC) and leading companies in the area, it is hoped to turn Ørestad into a true center of experimentation in the field of energy. Its main focus lies on finding smart energy solutions and versatile buildings that ensure a sustainable, safe and reliable electricity supply, while reducing CO 2 emissions. Sophie Bruun, Head of the ØICC Secretariat, expressed confidence that this initiative will illustrate the power of collaboration in achieving significant ecological advances.

Energy Flexlab Ørestad: energy innovation

Under the name “Energy Flexlab Ørestad”, multiple companies and entities are already in the active development phase. Initial participants include hotel chain Bellagroup, TDC Net, Københavns Kommune, Salling Group, Andel Energi, Energidanmark, IBM Danmark and, of course, ØICC.

These organizations not only aim to promote the project, but also want to improve, store and produce renewable energy through their buildings. Jack Kristensen of Andel Energi highlighted the importance of such initiatives by underlining that flexibility in consumption is essential to achieve more efficient use of energy.

It should be noted that the modern infrastructure already existing in Ørestad makes the neighborhood an ideal place to test these innovations. An example of this modernization is Bellagroup’s plan to inaugurate a 16,000 m 2 solar installation on the roof of the Bella Center by the end of this year.

Salling Group had already started its collaboration with Flexplatformen in 2022, connecting all its Netto stores. Now, with the project in Ørestad, they are looking to extend this initiative to other stores in the area. Meanwhile, TDC Net will provide consumption flexibility through its telephone centers, thus guaranteeing the area’s mobile network.

In addition to operating as an ecological transition laboratory, the project in Ørestad aims to establish a model in which urban areas can manage part of their own local energy supply. In this way, Denmark could reduce its investments in energy storage and expansion of the electrical grid.

This ambitious project not only focuses on providing more affordable electricity exclusively from renewable sources, but also seeks to reduce power plant operations by 40% by 2030.

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