Endesa starts construction of the second solar farm in Andorra

The Mudéjar project will be developed in the former coal park of the Andorra thermal power plant.
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La filial Endesa y su segundo parque solar en Andorrra

Endesa, through its renewable energy subsidiary Enel Green Power España (EGPE), has begun construction of its second solar farm in Andorra. This new project, called the Mudéjar photovoltaic plant, will have a capacity of 69.2 MWp and an investment of 48.5 million euros.

Endesa’s project and its second solar park in Andorra

The Mudéjar photovoltaic plant will officially be Endesa’s second solar installation, within the perimeter of the Andorra thermal power plant, following the service model of the 49.71 MWp Sedéis V solar park last December. In addition, Endesa collaborates with local associations, Endesa collaborates with local associations to support the construction of these facilities.

The Mudéjar project will be developed in the former coal park of the Andorra thermal power plant and on the land of the closed“Mas de Perlé” landfill. This project will cover an area of 111.4 hectares, and the installation will consist of 126,504 photovoltaic modules of crystalline technology and fixed structure, capable of generating more than 128 GWh per year.

This production is enough to supply 32,000 households and will prevent the emission of approximately 52,196 tons of CO₂ per year. The plant is scheduled to be connected to the power grid by the end of 2024, according to official company reports.

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The subsidiary Enel Green Power Spain will use innovative tools and techniques, such as drones for surveying, intelligent tracking, advanced digital platforms and software solutions to remotely monitor and support activities. These technologies will enable faster, more accurate and reliable data collection, improving construction quality and facilitating communication between teams on and off site.

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Source and photo: Endesa

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