Electronic tattoos could replace smartphones

By : Dr. Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, March 9, 2022

Mobile phones today are the center of almost the entire technological market, but it was not always like that and it seems that it will not be. Now manufacturers are trying to focus on solidifying ecosystems, turning to virtual reality or making their products work on all types of screens. But, it is possible that the new prototypes of electronic tattoos could replace mobile phones in the future.

Now that tattoos have become part of popular culture and many wear them, the next step in their evolution would be to add value beyond the aesthetic, and the company Chaotic Moon with its innovative prototypes seems to have found other uses and purposes for them.

Chaotic Moon is a technology development team that was bought by Accenture as early as 2015. It is a company located in the United States that has been characterized by throwing risky designs to the financing tables in the last 12 years.

The electronic tattoos proposed by Chaotic Moon sit on the border between aesthetics and biotechnology. It does not refer to the implantation of chips or other components as in bionics, but the tattoo ink itself is the key to everything. It is an ink that has ‘nano-scanners’ capable of collecting, receiving and sending information.

They currently have applications with medical approaches, however, in the future it could have other technological fields. Electronic tattoos must be able to notify us when the presence of fever, certain infections and other changes in our internal physiology are detected. Its sensors would be in charge of doing this and automatically sending a notification to our mobile phone. In the same way, they would be able to measure our day to day and even store information in our bodies such as medical reports. They are also expected to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, the amount of oxygen in the blood and other vital signs.

The evolution of these applications can easily result in tattoos being used to geolocate us, or as a method of communication with other users, in such a way that they would take a lot of daily load off current mobile phones, which they would eventually replace.

Source : https://www.xatakamovil.com/futuro/tatuajes-electronicos-asi-tecnologia-que-reemplazara-a-moviles-bill-gates