EDP ​​seeks innovative projects to develop electricity networks of the future

Isbel Lázaro.
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Inspenet, September 10, 2023.

EDP’s Energy Starter program is looking for the most innovative startups in the field of electricity networks of the future. Those startups that are selected will have the opportunity to collaborate with experts who will offer their knowledge and advice on the execution of pilot projects and business development. In addition, they will be able to access possible financial investments and take advantage of the network of contacts and experience of EDP Ventures.

The call is open to rapidly growing startups and scaleups from around the world offering disruptive solutions in three key strategic areas for the future of energy: power grids , renewable energy and green hydrogen , as well as mobility and customer-facing solutions .

The first module of the eighth edition of the Energy Starter program, focused on the electricity networks of the future, will take place in Santander in the month of November. Interested startups can register to participate in this module before September 24 .

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Innovation for sustainable development

The purpose of the innovation program is to advance the development of electrical networks, renewable energies, green hydrogen production and promote solutions related to mobility and customer satisfaction.

To participate, interested companies only have to submit their projects through the Energy Starter web portal. After a first evaluation, which involves an online presentation of their proposals, the chosen companies will have the opportunity to attend a bootcamp that will take place in Santander from November 28 to 30.

During this event, they will be able to present their ideas and discuss them with various EDP experts, from various business units and regions, in order to accelerate the development of pilot and business projects. This will facilitate a direct exchange of knowledge with experts.

In addition to this first module focused on electrical networks of the future, the program includes two additional modules: one focused on renewable energies and green hydrogen and another dedicated to customer solutions and electric mobility.

EDP ​​and the electrical networks of the future

At this stage, we are actively searching for companies and proposals that contribute to the modernization of electrical networks and energy distribution, covering the entire path from production to reaching the final consumer.

Through collaborations with startups and scaleups in this area, the objective is not only to introduce innovation into existing infrastructures, but also to explore new avenues for expansion.

However, there are six fundamental challenges that projects must address: managing vegetation on overhead power lines, improving asset management to prevent potential grid failures, increasing grid flexibility with solutions that allow operators to connect demand with flexibility suppliers and monitor and activate this capacity, guarantee safety and health in the work environment, reduce environmental impact by reducing CO 2 emissions and reducing dependence on fluorinated greenhouse gases and finally, reimagine the user experience with operators through digital solutions, known as “Client Journey 2.0”.

Source: https://www.smartgridsinfo.es/2023/09/07/buscan-proyectos-innovadores-desarrollar-redes-electricas-futuro

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