Eddyfi Technologies offers a variety of robotic inspection instruments, sensors, software and solutions.

Inspenet, January 20, 2023

Eddyfi Technologies, a Canadian company, offers a diversified portfolio of Non-Destructive Testing instruments, sensors, software and robotic solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets in key industries such as aerospace, oil, gas and energy.

One of their products for inspection is the R-Scan Array device, a semi-automated phased array corrosion mapping solution. Silverwing’s R-Scan Array PAUT system is the perfect solution for inspecting complex geometry components, including curved surfaces, flat plates, pipes, and restricted access areas.

The versatile, battery-operated, semi-automated Phased-Array (PA) corrosion mapping solution features built-in data collection capabilities, providing improved inspection accuracy and dexterity.

To learn about all the products and services offered by Eddyfi Technologies, visit their website: https://eddyfi.com/en/

Source : https://eddyfi.com/en/product/rscan-array-paut-solution

Photo : Eddyfi Technologies

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