Do you want to detect possible equipment failures in advance? DIAPSA does it for you

By: Inspenet, April 11, 2023

The Mexican company DIAPSA (Diagnosis and Predictive Consulting) , offers ultrasound analysis services for bearings, electrical systems and air compression, which allows early detection in condition monitoring.

At DIAPSA, they diagnose and analyze the state of the equipment through the behavior and detection of ultrasound propagated in air or materials by obtaining time waves, identifying potential problems earlier and thus issuing strategic reports promptly for their scheduled care, thereby increasing operational reliability.

Airborne/structure propagated ultrasound offers a range of diverse system applications:

Electrical systems : substations, high and low voltage distribution lines, transformers, control panels, switches, circuit cards, regulators.

Mechanical systems : couplings, compressors, pumps, valves, bearings, ducts.

This analysis has important benefits: it detects the corona effect, electric arc and energy, air and gas leaks, generates actions that contribute to energy savings, eliminating leaks, increases reliability and minimizes possible accidents in electrical and mechanical systems, taking care of the integrity of people and avoiding downloads.

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