Do you fail in your machinery? It is key to analyze the lubricant

By: Inspenet, March 28, 2023

The Mexican company DIAPSA (Diagnosis and Predictive Consulting) , diagnoses the state of the machinery through the physical-chemical and spectrometric analysis of the lubricant in use, identifying in advance possible contamination or internal wear.

They also verify the quality of the supply of oils with the analysis of new lubricant to determine compliance with specifications, establish their baseline for follow-up through their use and increase the operational reliability of the equipment.

DIAPSA, applies the analysis of lubricant in use, in dynamic equipment such as: turbo pumps, turbo compressors, motor pumps, reducers and speed increasers, as well as all equipment that uses lubricating oil for its operation.

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Machinery oil is analyzed in the laboratory

This analysis has important benefits, such as the implementation and improvement of lubrication practices and procedures, increases the useful life of the equipment and the reliability of the mechanical and hydraulic systems, makes it possible to accurately determine problems and avoids unnecessary downtime for maintenance, minimizes possible accidents or incidents in mechanical systems due to lack of proper lubrication and also minimizes urgent repair costs and overtime.

At DIAPSA they have qualified and certified professionals, Level I and II specialists, for laboratory analysis and interpretation of lubricating oil in use and new, the results, diagnosis and recommendations. To learn more about this and other services provided by the DIAPSA company, visit its website:


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