Do you know the Discovery Tower? Saudi Arabia’s glass skyscraper

Discovery Tower

Inspenet, December 22, 2023.

The architecture studio Zaha Hadid Architects has revealed images of Discovery Tower , the new glass skyscraper located in Saudi Arabia as part of NEOM’s Trojena project, which includes initiatives such as The Line, the futuristic city.

Designed to occupy the top of a mountain overlooking an artificial lake at the Trojena ski center, Discovery Tower will reach a height of 330 meters .

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Its height will not be the most notable feature, but rather its glass façade made up of numerous columns that converge towards the top. This skyscraper will offer observation platforms and restaurants. According to the developers, this iconic, elegant and monumental tower will integrate luxury boutiques, restaurants and the unique experience of living on heights.

It is important to mention that the skyscraper is part of the extensive Trojena plan, currently under development by the German architecture studio LAVA Architects. This building will be located on the mountain opposite the ski resort, also conceived by LAVA architects, and will be connected to a series of lakeside hotels via a cable car system.

Trojena, located in the Tabuk province of northwestern Saudi Arabia, features a distinctive climate with winter temperatures dropping below zero degrees Celsius and annual temperatures generally 10 degrees lower than surrounding areas. Once completed, this development will include a wide variety of residences, from apartments to chalets and mansions, as well as a diversity of hotels ranging from family wellness centers to ultra-luxury experiences.

Trojena, one of four NEOM projects, is expected to be fully completed before the Asian Winter Games in 2029, which will take place in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia.

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