Denmark will close its hydrogen stations for vehicles


Inspenet, September 18, 2023.

Although Denmark had established a network of hydrogen refueling stations for several years, the absence of this type of vehicle on the roads has led to the decision to close this network.

Originally, it was planned that hydrogen vehicle owners and users in the country would be able to recharge their cars at up to 19 filling stations across the country starting in 2024. However, it has now been confirmed that not a single one will be built.

Although this element is considered an energy source with great potential, the country has chosen to put an end to its plans in this area. According to Everfuel, the company responsible for this type of stations in the country, production has not met expectations, which has made it difficult to justify the business model.

The situation in Denmark

Denmark had expressed strong interest in using the aforementioned element as a viable solution for sustainable mobility. In fact, it was planned that, by 2024, owners of hydrogen-powered vehicles would have access to a total of 19 service stations distributed throughout the country. However, the current situation presents a different perspective. Even though it is considered an environmentally friendly alternative, it seems that car manufacturers have not supported this technology enough in the country.

In this sense, the energy company Everfuel took over the management of hydrogen filling stations in Denmark in 2020, but is currently closing existing stations in Brabrand near Aarhus, Kolding and HC Ørstedværket in Copenhagen. The planned new stations in Copenhagen and Aarhus are on hold.

Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel, has indicated that production has not yet reached the level necessary to meet this challenge. The technological maturity of key aspects such as electrolysis and service stations has not yet reached the desired point. This situation, combined with the lack of interest from automakers, has complicated the outlook for the business.

Although the company has made the decision to close its current stations, it does not rule out the possibility of hydrogen in personal vehicles in the future. The company, which took over management of the Danish stations in 2020, has chosen to put its expansion plans on hold, but still maintains an optimistic view on the long-term potential of this energy source.

The situation in that country highlights the challenges that renewable energies face on their path to widespread adoption. Despite the obstacles, it is essential to continue researching and betting on sustainable alternatives for a more ecological future.

Toyota gets involved

In 2019, Toyota introduced the Mirai hydrogen car, which is currently in operation as a taxi in Aarhus and Copenhagen, as well as being used as a shared vehicle on the Drivr mobility service. That is why Toyota will provide support to the owners of these vehicles in Denmark.

“It is a step backwards for the climate. The situation is undoubtedly unfortunate for everyone, but of course mainly for customers who have chosen a hydrogen vehicle because other zero-emission technologies cannot meet their mobility needs. Toyota remains firmly committed to the continued development of the technology and hydrogen development in several other countries in Europe continues at high speed and with strong political and financial support. The latest national events and in neighboring countries only show that it is crucial to have financial support to start on the positive path, developing one of the zero-emission technologies necessary for the future. “We will be in dialogue with Mirai customers in Denmark and will do everything we can to help find a solution.” said Anders Tystrup, press director.

About Everfuel

Everfuel is a Danish company that specializes in the production, distribution and supply of hydrogen for the transport sector, especially for vehicles equipped with fuel cells.

This element is seen by many as a very promising solution for the decarbonization of transportation, particularly in applications where electric batteries are not practical or efficient, as is the case in heavy or long-distance freight transportation.

Everfuel stands out as one of the European companies working hard to develop hydrogen infrastructure and promote its use in the transportation industry.

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