X30: the new quadruped robot from DEEP Robotics

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Inspenet, October 25, 2023.

DEEP Robotics Company , a global leader in the development and industrial application of robots, has presented its innovative flagship product, the X30 quadruped robot . It has been designed to address a wide range of needs in various industries, including inspections in power plants, factories, pipeline corridors, emergency rescue operations, fire detection, scientific research and other applications.

X30: a multifunction quadruped robot

The climate and overcome difficulties in different scenarios.

Compared to previous versions of quadruped robots, this new model expands its operating temperature range, operating effectively in environments ranging from -20°C to plus 55°C. In addition, it has a complete real-time monitoring and response system to emergency situations to guarantee safer and more efficient operations from an intelligent perspective.

It should be noted that this robot fuses powerful mobility with advanced perception capabilities. Has the ability to ascend and descend stairs with an incline of 45° at unmatched speed, while maintaining a firm posture.

Likewise, thanks to its fusion perception capabilities, the X30 is capable of carrying out these tasks autonomously regardless of lighting conditions, whether in extremely bright environments, low light, flickering or even complete darkness. .

Likewise, it has the ability to automatically avoid collisions with unpredictable moving objects and, combined with an emergency stop button, contributes to safeguarding the safety of other moving parts and platforms in industrial environments.

Furthermore, this innovative robot exhibits a 25% increase in endurance when loaded with additional accessories. In addition, its battery is designed with a quick release capacity to speed up changes; design that guarantees the prompt completion of critical tasks, which is essential in emergency situations in industrial environments .

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