Cremer Óleo Paraguay will produce soy biodiesel


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Inspenet, March 3, 2023

The company Cremer Óleo Paraguay, a German global company, will start producing soy biodiesel from April. With an investment of USD 30 million, the industrial plant will produce the raw material from degummed soybean oil, to supply both the internal and external Paraguayan market, thus aiming at exports.

This was reported by the authorities of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC), during a technical tour of the factory, and highlighted that this new industrial policy facilitates the development of competitive biofuel production in Paraguay. The volume produced is expected to reach 300 tons per day, with future projections of around 450 tons per day.

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The representatives of the MIC were accompanied by the main managers of the complex and spoke with the workers of the plant, which is 95% complete in its construction.

The company has an installed biodiesel production capacity of 100,000 tons per year, which will be covered by local suppliers of raw materials such as soybean oil. According to data from the RIEL (Industrial Online Registry), the annual production capacity of soybean oil is 427,215 tons. The chain of collaborators for civil works was covered with 90% by national companies.

They also mentioned that the company identified the importance of the benefit granted by Law No. 6389/2019, in which crude oil is incorporated as a raw material for the biofuel industry, thus establishing itself strategically in the city of Villeta in front of the Complex Agroindustrial Angostura SA (Caiasa), through which it will be connected by an oil pipeline that will provide all the raw material necessary for the second phase of industrialization.

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