Cool Sorption is awarded a contract to deliver a methanol VRU


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Inspenet, May 8, 2023

Cool Sorption announced that it has been awarded a contract to deliver a methanol vapor recovery unit (VRU). This contract is a recognition of Cool Sorption’s experience and commitment to provide innovative solutions and meet the highest standards of efficiency.

In addition, this contract will allow Cool Sorption to develop a strong partnership with the company European Energy A/S and will represent an important step forward in its efforts to support the Power-to-X (PtX) industry, contribute to the decarbonization of its energy mix and support the development of sustainable Ecological Fuels.

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The methanol plant is expected to deliver 32,000 tons per year of carbon-neutral e-methanol for the shipping industry and plastic manufacturing. Cool Sorption is proud to be part of this first large-scale e-methanol production in Denmark.

1777 Cool Sorption unidad VRU de metanol interna

About Cool Sorption

Based in Denmark, the company is a recognized industry leader in vapor recovery systems, ranging from small, compact systems to the most complex systems in the industry, with over 30 years of experience and over 300 installed systems. Worldwide.

The company offers the best possible technology for the recovery of gasoline, crude oil and most other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For more information, visit

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