Consulting and Field Services LLC: One Team, One Mission

Inspenet, February 6, 2023

Consulting and Field Services LLC, (CFS) continuously strives on their core value of being family owned and operated company. Their family moral methodology approach assures their clients that their support is genuine and available 24/7, backed with knowledgeable experience. CFS doesn’t believe in the typical cliché of treating their clients as a number.

Fortuitous by design, they have found by keeping a working personable level relationship with their clients, this allows for a more efficient, on budget and streamlined assignment molded around their client’s needs.

CFS is not only the company acronym, but it has meaning. Consulting is the derivative of how this company was founded in 1995.

The Company owner being a refractory specialist, has consulted with numerous facilities and continues to recommend applications and failure analysis. The Field Services portion of the acronym represents the quality we bring to the Field within the facility. Their strong Refractory foundation led them into building a substantial Mechanical structure in 2005.

Their acronym continues within the Mechanical Division whether they are Consulting clients of potential damage mechanisms or recommended practices or bringing those expertise Services to the Field. Since 2005, the continuity between their Refractory and Mechanical divisions has elevated their company within the trusted tier of their clients.

When CFS is given the foresight of a potential project, they systematically appraise the opportunity and collectively review the scope requirements and the client’s expectations. They begin to build their team and staff accordingly throughout their vast database of knowledgeable inspectors that are experienced with the provided scope of work. Systematic approach aids in identifying potential damage mechanisms and insight into future proven preventative measures.

CFS’s staffing schematic is an 80/20 ideology. They believe by staffing 20% of their personnel, while being strong in other aspects with the remaining 80% highly knowledgeable personnel, allows for growth and gained experience. This staffing method continues to grow their database within the Mechanical and Refractory Divisions.

Reverting to the aforementioned cliché statement related to clients. 

CFS is also aware there are occasions that multiple maintenance activities are occurring simultaneously throughout the world. They would much rather gain your trust with future opportunities and pass on an opportunity than tarnish their highly respected image within the industry with unqualified numbers. CFS doubt very many companies in the industry would be honest and transparent enough to admit that statement.

You’re not judged on how you start a project; it’s how you finish one!

Source: Consulting and Field Services LLC (CFS)

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